“A Writer Under The Influence” is a literary blog of sorts. I am, sometimes, but not always, a paid writer and because of that, rarely get to express my true thoughts and feelings through the power of words. So, given that it’s somewhat emasculating for a man to keep a journal and, more so, out of date, I am using this blog for the same expressive outlet. That said, you find quite the motley farrago of entries here; Poems, Thoughts, Insights, Ideas, Short Fiction, Rants, Complaints and Selfish Promotion. I will write when I am reveling in success a top the glorious mountains of life’s journey and I will write when I am scraping the depths of life’s troughs. Seldom is it that I find myself in the middle.


Each year, starting, well, last year I will be publishing the entries from the blog into a glorious paperback anthology of self-indulgence. To add value, and perhaps actually sell a copy or two, I am also including, in that yearly publication, some content that can’t be found here on the blog. There is very little profit in this book for me, I have kept my mark up as low as possible (in fact on Amazon it’s $0.00) to make it somewhat easier and more accessible. Don’t feel bad, I’m just happy your still reading.